Hope in Recovery: A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Counselor’s Story

Amy, one of our counselors, shares a story of hope about a guest facing liver failure due to alcoholism.

I’ve been in recovery eleven years, and I’ve seen miracles happen everyday. And the thing that I want people to know is that no matter where they are in their life, they can recover and get their life back.

I had a guest that had come in, and she was in a walker. She was waiting for a liver transplant because she had drank a lot.

And they said, “You know, I don’t know if you’re going to make it or not to the transplant.” But she was able to do that.

She came from a place from not being able to even walk to where she’s a nurse today, and she’s helping people and giving back.

You know, there’s always hope as long as you are breathing, and there’s hope that you can come in and have a new life.